UK Ancestry ‘Visa’ Received

Copy of Ancestry Entry Clearance

Received by DHL my returned documents, after notification yesterday by e-mail from the UK Consulate in New York that the visa was approved.

What happens next – visa is valid for one month from the date I noted as ‘travel date’ on my original visa application.  Once we arrive in the UK I must go to the Post Office I listed as the point of collection for my biometric card.  That card acts as a primary document to show I have status in the United Kingdom, and must be used for re-entry to the UK.  COMPLICATION – our plan was to visit Bournemouth for nine days.  During that time we would locate a place to live, and open a bank account etc.  We were then going to travel to Paris.

However the letter from the Consulate says the card will be available as of ten days after my arrival in the UK.  With a trip to Paris booked nine days after our arrival we can only hope for arrival of the card a day early.

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