Sunday in Paris

Beautiful Sunday at the Bastille market with the odd heavy downpour.  Then a trek to the Marais.  No robberies to report.

Regarding the robbery, add to the above – wow – Sean and Jessica were of great help.  Within a very short period they had supplied us with a list of phone numbers for banks in Canada, location of the police office in the 13e Arrondisement, arranged interpreter on standby if needed and information about how to wipe my stolen android cell phone.  My Google account linked to my cell enabled me to send a message to the phone that says – if anyone turns this phone on, erase everything on it.

Because of the police shootings in Paris we were met outside the police station.  Outside the police office were a couple of officers with automatic rifles.  We were given a form to complete, and, the next day when we returned, we went through a body scan, just to make certain, before being allowed in the small police building.

Simple dinner — because nearly all food stores close on Sunday.

This is one of my favourite fountains in the world. Lot’s of playfulness as fish squirt water at turtles and vice versa.  It is at the far end of Luxembourg Gardens.
Heather’s fantasy comes true – Paris Candy Store
Luxembourg Gardens in May
Luxembourg Gardens – Flowers


2 thoughts on “Sunday in Paris”

  1. oh yikes! what a mishap so early in your trip but what a great attitude to dust it off and carry on with your adventure!
    I look forward to read both of your commentaries! 🙂

  2. Beautiful pictures!! Wow It looks like you are having lovely weather Springtime is Paris….:)

    So happy for your happy travels…

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