Hidden Treasures of the Louvre

They kept these treasures hidden and brought them out only when they ‘saw us coming’.

Clearly these are valuable – a Coke cost us €6.5 and my Perrier was €5.5.  For the two items the total at today’s exchange rate was about $18.00 CAD.  Note it was a glass not a can.  Note the ‘free’ lemon slice.

The cost of lunch…priceless…

1 thought on “Hidden Treasures of the Louvre”

  1. Love the blog. Pictures are great. It’s very well written, and as a person of some small (very small) literary …ahem… accomplishments perhaps we’re witnessing the germination of a great novel. Thrills and chills, robbery, labyrinthine trials, food, romance, a trip to the country, it has it all. 🙂

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