Visa at last

Cannes has been wonderful.  We would revisit it any time.

I was informed today that my passport is now available in Paris.  So a short six hour train ride on Thursday, pick up the passport Friday, then hop on the bus to London.

We will overnight in London before heading to Bournemouth on Saturday.  At last.

Then I will busy myself going through the complaint process  with UK Immigration.   This does not end the UK Immigration process – it only gets us to the UK.  Once there we must reapply [and pay another fee] for a card replacement.  Because they are slow we may opt for the additional fee for fast service.   Incidentally I discovered they have a ‘superfast’ service for  £10,200 plus the usual cost of the application.  Do these people know how to be inefficient or what!

We have loved France but look forward to getting on with our lives in England.

1 thought on “Visa at last”

  1. Guard your passport and papers. You are in France and you know what can happen there.

    Happy travels.

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