Ascot – from Waterloo Station

In my documentary film class, I learned that scripting and best laid plans are sometimes abandoned to capture the unexpected…the element of surprise.

This applies to blogging as well.  We had no plans to write about our routine transit through London on our way to Bournemouth Saturday morning.  When we arrived at Waterloo Station we witnessed quite a spectacle….women in beautiful formal dresses and fascinators and men in morning suits.

I spoke to a young man who confirmed everyone was headed to the last day of the five day Royal Ascot,where some of the finest race horses in the world compete in six races a day over the five days.  Ascot is about an hour west of London by train.  Over the past three hundred years the annual event has become established as the centrepiece of the British social calendar.  £150 gets you in the door (about CAD $250).

Events surrounding the race include dinners, picnics and tea parties.  As you will see below, Garry did a great job of capturing some of the hundreds of attendees on the move!

Angela, as a fan of all things British, this post is for you.

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  1. Oh my, the hats! Wonderful! It’s almost like going back in time! It must be such a spectacle at the races. I wish I had that woman’s red & white outfit yesterday!

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