Letter of Complaint to UK Immigration

Like a dog and a bone, sometimes I can’t resist tackling some of the world’s madness, in this case the handling of our case by UK Immigration.  We filed this appeal at the end of July.  We are patiently awaiting their reply.  I am decidedly NOT optimistic about the outcome but sometimes, well, you just have to fight.  I expect they will reply with one of three possibilities:

a.  The issue of refunds falls outside of their jurisdiction.

b.  They require more precise information

c.  UK Immigration was simply applying policies i.e they will not answer the specifics of the complaint.

So let’s see.  The letter that follows has some of the personal information removed because of personal privacy.

By the way, once the complaint is refused, we will go on to the next level of appeal, ultimately to the ombudsperson in the UK.

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Kew Gardens – London

This week we went to London for a visit to Kew Gardens.  During our hours there, we saw about one third of this magnificent park that was founded in 1840.  If you are planning a visit, and have limited time, be sure to do some research so you get to the areas that most interest you.

Kew Gardens is located in Richmond Surrey, about 30 minutes from Central London.  A UNESCO World Heritage site, it contains the most diverse living plant collection in the world.  Kew’s collections have more than 30,000 living plants, and the facility houses the largest herbarium in the world.

We hope you enjoy the photos from the four sections of Kew Gardens that we visited:

  •  The Palm House (considered the world’s most important surviving Victorian glass and iron structure)
  • The grounds
  • The Princess of Wales Conservatory
  • A temporary installation called ‘The Hive’, a unique multi sensory experience, designed to highlight the extraordinary life of bees.

Kew Gardens, London – The Hive

In Europe including the UK there is concern about the health of the world bee population.  As a former beekeeper, the threat is real.  Unless our use of pesticides changes we will create a lasting negative impact on the health of the planet.

From the New Scientist June 2017
There can be little doubt now that the world’s most widely used insecticides are bad for bees. Two new studies add to the mountain of evidence that neonicotinoids are harmful to pollinators, and add to the pressure for Europe, at least, to introduce a full ban.

THE HIVE, is an art installation at Kew.  The structure is linked to an actual hive at Kew Gardens and the light and sound within it directly reflect what is coming from the hive.

These photos were taken from the ground looking up through the hive.  Above me was a glass floor.  The floor and surrounding structure created a surrealistic image of floating.



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Be there or be square

July 22, the Beer and Bluegrass Festival in Poole.  The weather was cool, with some rain tempered by some great music.  Our first community event in England.  We were not disappointed.  When they sang, their English and Spanish accents disappeared.

This weekend we hope to post some edited video.


Jonas – half of Jonas & Jane http://www.jonasandjane.com/

From Surrey, England












Humano Caberos – from Spain.  Considered Spain’s best bluegrass musicians.  https://bluegrasstoday.com/tag/the-cubero-brothers/













New Hawleans Jug Band –  from Surrey U.K.







The crowd
whoopin’ it up

Swanage – West of Bournemouth

This week we enjoyed a lovely day trip to Swanage, a seaside town neighbouring Bournemouth.  Swanage is located at the beginning of the Jurassic Coast, a World Heritage Site.  While there, we visited the railway station, where original steam trains depart for trips through the stunning Purbeck countryside bound for Corfe Castle.
We also took a hike on the cliffs overlooking the town.
Nearby is the South West Coast Path, a 630 mile walking trail.  It starts near Swanage and extends all the way to Somerset’s Minehead.
You will be hearing more from us about this spectacular coastal trail as we are hoping to tackle as many sections as we can during our time in the U.K.  If all goes according to plan we will be doing our inaugural hike next week.
Map of Dorset where we live. Bournemouth is immediately to the east of the mapped area

The UK Immigration Saga Continues 

So you’ve just watched the movie ‘Saw VII’ and wondered, “When are they going to put this series to bed?”

So it is with our UK Immigration experience.

To recap:

  • May 12 – British Residence Cards [BRP] stolen
  • May 13 – Theft reported to UK Immigration
  • May 23 – appointment in Paris to obtain a new visa to get back to the UK so we can apply for a BRP replacement, and, also live at our residence in the UK
  • June 21 – new visa issued Paris
  • June 23 – return to UK
  • June 26 – book appointment for Premium Service in Croyden UK – cost £646 each
  • July 13 – first available appointment unless we wanted to pay extra for outside of regular hours e.g. 3pm or pay £10,000 each for super premium service
  • July 13 – spend day at immigration office in Croydon

Stay with us now as the latest installment emerges from the bowels of the UK Immigration department.

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