Rome Reunion with Friends

We enjoyed three action filled hot August days in Rome with our dear friends from Vancouver, Tracey, Terry, and their lovely daughters Sabrina and Isabella.

Trevi Fountain






















Gelato on the Spanish Steps
Reference: Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn











Bloggers in Rome


3 thoughts on “Rome Reunion with Friends”

  1. Great pictures, Bloggers! It’s clear everyone is having a wonderful time, and yes, it does look hot! Speaking of “Roman Holiday”, we recently went to “Bard on the Beach” to see “Much Ado About Nothing”, which was set in 1950’s Italy – think “La Dolce Vita” and “Roman Holiday”. It was a fantastic production – great acting (and the script wasn’t bad either), beautiful costumes, and even people riding Vespa scooters on stage! It was a totally original take on one of my favourite Shakespearean plays!

  2. Just seeing this now ! Trip of a lifetime and I am so happy we got to spend some of it with you ! Sending love from home !

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