Growl – the ‘Cold Fish’ Award goes to Europcar

0530 hrs – Saturday morning – Up and at it to catch the train to Southampton Airport.

Flight to Glasgow – on time

On to Eurocar Auto rental for our ‘reserved’ vehicle.

Clerk at counter checks with manager – no, we will not rent to you because this is an interim license [because my license was stolen in Paris].

Me:  ICBC, the issuer of licenses in British Columbia confirmed it was valid world wide.   We will pay for a call to ICBC if you want to verify it.  Of course, I carry my original International Driver’s Permit.

Manager:  Europcar makes the rules – not ICBC

Me:  Yes but we checked beforehand, and, we rented from Europcar in Bournemouth already and they confirmed the license is recognized.

Manager:  Well they obviously don’t know the rules.

Yes but I also checked with your office when we were in Stansted and they said it was not an issue.

Answer:  Who did you speak with and they were wrong.

Garry gets a bit testy!

I decide further discussion with this cold fish of a manager is pointless.

Try Budget – No
Try three other kiosks – No, No and No.

Panic begins to set in.  We begin to plan our flight home to Bournemouth — yikes.  tres expensive, lose our accommodation in Skye, cancel trip to Heather’s ancestral homeland…BLAH!   The trip is collapsing quickly.

Heather says, “Why don’t you try the last remaining one, Hertz?”  Well, I say, it is a waste of time – but I will anyway so that no stone is left unturned.

I walk to the Hertz counter and carefully explain the situation.  The woman obviously has experience as several staff come to her with questions during our conversation.  Sure not a problem she says!!!

She is actually interested in our plight, yes Paris and Rome are terrible for thefts etc.  A HUMAN at the counter, this is a treat for sure.

Get the keys, get in the car and we are off — to SKYE.  Past Loch Lomond, across on the ferry.

SKYE IS UTTERLY STUPENDOUS!  The house we are staying at is near Staffin on the north of Skye – with cows out our front step and sheep in the back, and the owners [crofters] have two great sheepdogs, one of whom is nursing eight pups.  She looks tired.

The friendly owner shows us the bedrooms – aye ye hove an extry one in case ye shood have a fallin oot.

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