Mournful Cry of Cows

Our hosts are crofters and they own about thirty sheep, and a few Highland cattle.  Earlier this week, Catherine warned us that the calves of three of their cows were going to market the following morning, and we would likely hear the mothers crying for a couple of days while they searched for their little ones.
I have never before heard the mournful cries of cows that have lost their calves.  They stationed themselves right across the road from us, likely because it was at the top of the hill.  One poor mother even crossed the road and circled our cottage twice, wailing all the way.
I doubt I will ever progress to vegetarianism, but I must say I now have a deeper understanding of why some people do.  The end of day three, and one continues its cry.
If you think cows are not emotionally intelligent, think again…..I did.

We have looked everywhere – and nowhere do we see our calves.
I am sad…

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