Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival

This week Bournemouth hosts the Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival.  Last night was a beautiful walk through the park with illuminated umbrellas, moving to live music.

Today we attended a more serious screening of ‘Our Plastic Oceans’.

The film:  Our Plastic Oceans

Plastic Oceans is a film about plastics invading our oceans from every direction.  Birds with gullets full of small plastics, turtles sick from mistaking plastic bags for jelly fish, to our water bottles lying motionless at the bottom of the ocean – and of course the microplastics that hide in products we consume such as beauty products and toothpaste.

On hand was one of the filmmakers to answer questions.  One thing he said made sense and that is aside from other actions the single most important thing that can be done is to make plastic valuable, so that everyone is focused on picking it up and reusing it.

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