Summer moves to autumn

After enjoying some travels in the last few months, we have happily settled into day to day life in our adopted city.


We are really enjoying Bournemouth which is beautiful, affordable and safe.  In an effort to assimilate ourselves into British culture Garry has begun a volunteer commitment with OXFAM, and I have accepted a part time retail job with a British owned kitchen store called Steamer Trading Cook Shop.


I am not entirely comfortable with British currency so Garry will be playing “store” with me a few times before my start date of November 2nd.  I am also boning up on British cooking terms.  I am really looking forward to being part of the Christmas buzz here, while serving and interacting with the British public.


Brexit, Brexit, Brexit – what a challenge and a mess.  2019 looms as the date by which the UK must reach an agreement with the EU – and it may not happen.  The government here is looking increasingly weak and in a minority position.  In the coming months it is probable that another election will be forced.  Our experience so far is that wages here are lower, poverty is significant and the class system is alive and well.  We’d be smug Canadians but for the child poverty rate in Canada which is a staggering 19.8%  in B.C. and 18.5% in Canada.  So we do not intend to deliver any lectures in the near term on how great we are.


Some summer memories:


Yes the beach is crowded on warm sunny days.




Surfing at the Bournemouth pier
Three girls in Rome
Bournemouth Beach

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