A Quiet Period in Bournemouth

A period of quiet for our postings.  The editor-in-chief said the stories were not compelling enough.  Hrrmpph!

We have traveled through Guy Fawkes day with lots of fireworks, now we are headed for Christmas.  First comes observance of Armistice Day and Remembrance Day.

Heather continues her work at the local gourmet cook shop, and I am continuing my work at the Oxfam store.

Sean and Jessica paid us a welcome visit, flying into Southampton from Dusseldorf.  Southampton Airport is a treat because there is not a mob of people headed every which way.

We made a quick drive to Exeter which was about 10x the size I thought it would be.  There we attended the comedy ‘Festival of the Spoken Nerd‘ a comedy group that combines science with comedy.    They are widely known on youtube and a tiny sample of some of their work  can be seen on the video,  laser+mirror+sound — lots of cool stuff.  And this one creating shapes from sounds

Near Exeter is a Fish and Chip shop that was being considered for a Michelin star, so we had to try it out.  Hmmm – we could not figure out why?

We then went on to Plymouth which included a few of those one lane two direction roadways.

Shortly after their return to Cologne, Sean was off with friends to Portugal whilst [as the English say] Jessica went back to work at the Forschungszentrum Jülich.

We do not yet know where we will be for Christmas – it depends on what is happening in Cologne and Heather`s schedule at work.

At the Oxfam Store I was treated to seeing a customer`s pet.  She came in with her pet praying mantis.  About half the length of an index finger it was fascinating to watch.  Most of the time it was attempting to hide by appearing as a stick and a very good one.  Perhaps a bit eccentric to have a pet praying mantis but aren’t we all – especially the ones who appear normal.

Brexit continues to occupy 98% of newscasts but it is better than trump -usa, or  trump -na-usea.  Apparently the U.S. delegation to the climate talks this week in Bonn includes several coal company executives.  Nothing like fiddling while Rome burns – the problem we have is that it is not just Rome but the entire planet.

Our weather has been spectacular with little rain some wind and a really great autumn.

Today I visited Christchurch, a wonderful community next to us.  It was beautiful to hear the cathedral bells chiming as wedding guests arrived in a 1950s London double-decker bus.  The sun was shining, and the grass was a rich green.

In the coming weeks we have a trip to London, so we can finally celebrate Heather`s birthday by going to a play fortunately not with Kevin Spacey.  Following that we will have one more trip to London before Christmas.

We are also giving some serious thought to New Year’s Eve in London.

I await the results of my UK driver`s license application – so our planning for the new year depends on a license, given a license is essential if we are to visit rural Ireland, and Heather`s place of birth in France.

We expect to visit warmer climes in the new year  – Morocco? and/or Goa?

Tomorrow night is the all important movie Paddington Bear 2!

Does your dryer have a refrigerator?

One aside – we had been perplexed at the poor performance of our clothes dryer.  It was beyond poor – that is until we found a drawer.   That drawer contained several litres of water – and was full.  So first the dryer heats the clothes, the water evaporates, then a built in condenser [refrigerator] turns it back to water.  Sounds like Sisyphus to me.  Who’d have thought!






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