Weird Place to Visit in London

Hey – if the U.S. President can be weird, why can’t we?

And so it was yesterday during our visit to London.

Near the Victoria Coach Terminal is the Shakespeare Pub.  What is so weird about that?  Well it is in this pub that could be some of the origin of the downfall of Donald Trump.

It was there that Luke Harding first met Christopher Steele.  Luke Harding is a seasoned reporter with The Guardian, Christoper Steele previously worked for the U.K. Government in Moscow and in London.

Steele after he left government did intelligence work as a private consultant.   It was there that he uncovered intelligence information about the Russians and Donald Trump follow sex and money.

Christopher Steele is known as credible, with a history of intelligence work in both the public and private sector.

Luke Harding is the investigative journalist who is author of ‘Collusion – How Russia Helped Trump Win the White House’   It is a book I highly recommend.

It was at this Shakespeare Pub just down the street from Steele’s office, that the two met and information was provided about Trump being compromised and information the Russians may have following a visit by Trump to Russia.   Russians ensure high profile visitors, particularly those who can be co-opted, can be courted, and compromised.

It continues to be a surprise that Trump allows Putin free reign, while he criticizes many others.  A smoking gun – without question.

Trumps response:


Hmm something keeping you awake at 1:19 AM Donald?  Who should we believe — the FBI, seasoned foreign affairs people, excellent journalists…or Donald who has a firm reputation as a cheat and as a liar?

So that is what took us to this historic [?] pub in London for a pint.

We do have a couple of comments – check out the washrooms.  Journalists and former intelligence officers don’t necessarily inhabit pubs with clean washrooms!





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