The South West Coast Path – Poole to Swanage

Garry and I thoroughly enjoyed our four hour inaugural 2018 hike on the South West Coast Path.  The path stretches 630 miles from Minehead to Poole.  Poole is the next town over from us, and we did our first hike this week to Swanage.

Breathtaking panoramic views were plentiful with numerous historical markers.  We are hoping to accomplish several more legs of this trail while we are here, and we are already contemplating a return trip to another part of Southwestern England to further chip away at it.

This area of Studland, near Old Harry Rocks, served as a practice beach for the invasion of Normandy in the Second World War because of its similarity to Normandy’s beach.  It was there that Canadian engineers built large cement defensive structures specifically to protect the VIP’s who watched the rehearsal – Churchill, King George VI, Eisenhower and Montgomery.

I have put my notice in for my job, which has been a great experience, for January 20th.  Soon after we will resume our longer term travels with a trip to Morocco.  After that we have a one week journey to Ireland scheduled for mid-February.

We will be fitting in as many day trips and longer term journeys as we can before our return to Canada in June……we are feeling our time getting shorter as we move into the New Year.

Old Harry Rocks

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