An Evening with Luke Harding

On Monday night we went to the building in London that houses ‘The Guardian’, a newspaper that provides me with a lot of my reading.

On stage was the author of ‘Collusion’.  A journalist who spent a few years in Moscow, he has a lot of knowledge of Russia, how Putin operates and insights into the collusion between Trump and the successors to the KGB, the FSB and SVR, as well as Russian oligarchs and some of their relationship to the Trump empire.  Tawdry is one word for it, criminal is the other.

He was interviewed by an editor at The Guardian, who had also been stationed in Moscow, and following the presentation was a question and answer session.

One of the most interesting was a question about the Trump campaign’s digital adviser, Brad Parscale, and any collusion there may have been with the Russians.  The Trump campaign and the Russians were adept at sowing false news [thanks Mark Zuckerburg] and furthering divisions in American society to the level where I believe they are headed toward violence.  Brad Parscale was a key person in the sowing of that division.

Was there ‘digital’ collusion?  We won’t know unless the FBI brings something to light.  Clearly there was a lot of manipulation of the news to incite the far right, and that is something both Trump wanted and that furthered the interests of the Russians.   Was there collusion overall?  — without question.

Then, came the coincidental announcement yesterday by Trump, that Brad Parscale would head his campaign in 2020.

It was a great experience to hear someone who is unassuming, bright and knowledgeable, who has considerable depth in both knowledge of Russia and the Trump regime.

Okay – there are a few authors in the world, no more than three, whom I would ask to sign a book.  I did for Luke.  I asked him what he was currently working on — more of the same.   Russian destabilization.

Also during the talk he said that he believed that if Trump is vulnerable, it is in the area of his financial dealings, and particularly in the area of Deutsche Bank.  So the guidance is pay attention to the finances – the sex part is more challenging to corroborate.

Finally, he said some of the real heroes in Russia, are those who have been murdered under the Putin regime.  Those who oppose Putin run great personal risk and many have paid with their lives.

A Snowy London Afternoon


Heather checks the map – now where is The Guardian newspaper located?
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