Marville France – Heather’s Birthplace

We traveled first to Brussels on the Eurostar, then rented a car and stayed in a pleasant little village in Belgium near the French border.  The more we travel, the more we like quieter places, less frequented by tourists.

For this portion of our journey, our destination was Marville, France.  Marville was a bustling centre when Heather was born, with over 1,100 members of the Royal Canadian Air Force stationed there with their families.   It was closed in 1967, after the French government insisted that any nuclear capability stationed in France would be controlled by France.

The town of Marville when we visited had seen better days.  However that was very much part of the charm of the place as it was neither overrun by tourists nor had it’s original architecture been bulldozed.  It was a charming place to visit — albeit the streets were a tad deserted.  The picture below is of an RCAF fighter jet, overflying the Marville base.  Note the proud Canadian Red Ensign on the plane — we did not yet have the current Canadian flag.


Marville – Today

A statue of Heather holding a sign, erected by the town to welcomes visitors.


No post would be complete without a cat picture.
Marville Cat

Decoration on a residential doorway

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