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The latest with our UK Immigration Complaint.

I’d have thought that they would separate the political process from the administrative process by having the MP’s office involved at the political level only when other avenues are exhausted.  In Canada MP’s offices are very busy — and I expect they are also busy here .

Also it would have made sense to me that if the ombudsman’s process starts with the MP’s office, why not direct individuals there when citizens first approach the ombudsman’s office.

So as usual, a fifteen minute job by a public servant serves the complaint back into the court of the citizen who then must spend at least three hours arranging, then meeting with an office of the Member of Parliament.

I feel for citizens who are ill served by their government.

So off I go to our MP’s office.


It is no accident the Immigration UK is again in the headlines with their incompetence.  The Prime Minister’s behaviour in relation to this story below is scandalous – both as Home Secretary and as Prime Minister.  She was the author of a significant part of the departmental mess that we find today:


April 17, 2018

Dear Mr Mitchell,

Thank you for your email.

I have since made enquiries with the UKVI; and have now received confirmation that a final response was issued to your complaint on the 16 October 2017.

As we now have confirmation that you have completed the complaints process of the UKVI, please ask an MP to make the legally required referral to our service, and we will then be able to consider your complaint further at that time.

If you have any questions, please contact us quoting your unique reference number that has been assigned to you at the top of this email. 

Kind regards


Intake Caseworker

It did not fill me with optimism when during my random search for information I came up with the following article:

The chances are that your MP will be keen to wash their hands of the matter as soon as your case has been ‘resolved’ by the Ombudsman.  They will rarely fight on your behalf if you feel that there has been an injustice, using the convenience that the Ombudsman is an independent body, so unfortunately their hands are tied.  Your MP will now bow out of the process happy that they have ticked the constituent box and not unduly concerned whether justice has been done.  The more you get involved with politicians the more you wonder how they ever came to be called ‘public servants’.  There is some interesting information here from MPs who were asked by PASC to comment on the current complaint procedure.  At lease we can take comfort in the fact that they too are ignored by Ministers and their letters are lost on a regular basis.  What a great way to run a country.


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