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I hope to write a longer piece about the UK Immigration Department as they are embroiled in chaos, where people who have lived in the UK for decades, largely from the Caribbean received threatening letters.  For each year they were in the UK they had to furnish 3+ documents to show they were in the UK.  Can you imagine going back to, say 1965 and producing three [sic – it was four not three] documents to show you were resident in a country?  Theresa May was at the heart [or lack thereof] of this scandalous treatment by Immigration of UK residents.  Why is this not a surprise?  And it even involves Canadians:


The news media here has been dominated by coverage of this immigration issue cited in the Guardian.  I am not a soothsayer because it was so readily apparent but my words from a February letter to the Ombudsman’s office have been highlighted by this scandal.

A portion of our letter to the Ombudsman:

“Please note this is about more than the fees we were charged. As a former manager in the Canadian Immigration program, I understand that there is a danger when a public service becomes so detached from its clients and citizens accountability runs only in one direction and the accountability for administration in a department functions with inadequate oversight. I consider our experience likely typical of many who deal with a department that comes across as arrogant, lacking in accountability for services they deliver and too often the focus seemed to be getting a piece of paper off one’s desk rather than provide effective administration of an Act and Regulations. Our hope is that this complaint coupled with many others will lead to positive change within UK Immigration.”

 – Feb. 2018


My latest correspondence with UK Immigration:

From me to them:  CMS Reference:  [12345678]

I noted in the Ombudsman’s office reply [received last week] to my correspondence with them and I quote:

I have since made enquiries with the UKVI; and have now received confirmation that a final response was issued to your complaint on the 16 October 2017. “

Please note the following.  On November 14, 2017, I wrote to you that I had not received a reply to my September 15 review request.  A further request was made by me in an e-mail to your office on March 1, 2018.

This e-mail from the Ombudsman’s office is the first reference that I have seen that there was a response from your office to my September 2017 request.

Since there was a response that I did not receive please forward a copy of it to me at your earliest convenience.

Thank you.

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