Some Images of New York

New York – We didn’t fall in love with it.  Of course a city of nine million people can’t be given due credit in one visit or a few lines.

At it’s worst it is a monument to American brash capitalism, with the worship of money and all things glitzy.  Times Square – a bunch of corporate flashing lights to keep the population dull and mesmerized.  But there are beautiful spots such as the wonderful former railway viaduct that has been turned into a raised walkway through the city – the High Line, and of course the beauty of Central Park.

It lacked the ease of public transportation offered by Paris and London, as well as the depth of history each of those other cities offer.

And of course it is the home of that American demagogue – Donald Trump truly an ugly blight on the world’s landscape.

Our family’s connection to New York – Heather’s grandfather worked at the New York Times, and my son’s grandfather lived in New York for a period when he helped restructure the New York Public Library.

The image of Trump in a residential window with the words ‘LOCK HIM UP’
A New York resident’s window reflecting the views of many in the world as we see the flaws revealed in the U.S. Constitution

A tiny portion of the wonderful High Line – a railway viaduct converted to a walkway that cuts through Manhattan.





The home of the venerable New York Times



Yes there are big buildings in New York’s Manhattan district.


Coney Island


Icon of the main religion in New York City with worshippers



A Little Late

A week in New York followed by a few weeks moving to Penticton …a challenge for our time.  Coming up Heather’s final drumming circle in Bournemouth, and New York City.

A New York state of mind – someone’s residence in New York City



Garry having a much needed beer in Bryant Park behind New York Public Library — the books of the library are stored beneath the park.




It’s 1 A.M. and time to head home from New York to Vancouver on Philippine Airlines
Heather, Central Park