U.S. Capitulates to the Taliban in Afghanistan

September 2, 2019

In 1997 I recall speaking with a young Afghan woman. She wanted help getting her father out of Turkey. The Taliban had given him a death sentence. His crime – as a teacher he taught girls in Afghanistan.

Now, well past 9/11, and after years of war we have the U.S. negotiating with the Taliban for a peace agreement.

Remember when Trump suddenly announced the U.S. was leaving Syria? The U.S. and West abandoned the Kurds in Syria who had fought side by side with the U.S. against Assad. Jim Mattis, after a distinguished career left the Trump administration over that withdrawal. Since then Syria and Russia have triumphed while the U.S. and Europe sat on their hands. The win by Assad and Putin has resulted in war crimes and crimes against humanity with the repeated bombing of hospitals and children.

The U.S. will no doubt soon sign an agreement with the Taliban. Within a short time after that the Taliban will resume their murderous ways in Afghanistan. They will call it an agreement – but it will be a capitulation by the U.S.

It will cost many lives and eventually we will once again see girls banned from education and many more refugees fleeing Afghanistan.

Want more? https://www.newsweek.com/donald-trumps-afghanistan-peace-process-called-losing-fox-news-analyst-says-we-completely-1457184



Donald Trump unilaterally cancelled the talks with the Taliban. He cited their terrorist violence. At this point according to the BBC, the two sides were close to an agreement. He specifically cited an attack in which an American soldier and 12 Afghans were killed by the Taliban.

With sycophants to advise him Trump is lost because he has never had an interest in world affairs. This is a symptom of foreign policy that operates in an atmosphere of winging it based on ignorance with no plan and no knowledge and worst of all no interest.

With hundreds dead and hundreds injured by the Taliban – it seemed rather stupid for the president to choose one incident when so many have been killed continuously over the months and years. In my opinion the Taliban simply use his ignorance and stupidity to advance their cause. Too bad they missed their great PR opportunity he was going to provide at Camp David.

As a comment it is really bad when you have to use a spreadsheet to count the incidents, dead and injured.

Below are incidents in January 2019 by the Taliban. Note some were in Pakistan, most were in Afghanistan. Regardless it is the same group.

You have to ask what kind of ‘negotiation’ was going well given this degree of bloodshed by the Taliban.

For January 2019
TOTAL DEAD from Taliban attacks: 252 – 437

January 1 [four incidents]
January 2 [two incidents]
January 3 [one incident]
January 5 [three incidents]
January 6 [two incidents]
January 7 [two incidents]
January 9 [two incidents]
January 10 [one incident]
January 12 [two incidents]
January 13 [one incident]
January 14 [one incident]
January 15 [one incident]
January 16 [one incident]
January 17 [one incident]
January 18 [three incidents]
January 20 [one incident]
January 21 [one incident]
January 22 [one incident]
January 23 [one incident]
January 24 [one incident]
January 26 [one incident]
January 28 [one incident]
January 29 [one incident]
January 31 [one incident]

For other months in 2019

February: Dead = 138+
Incidents: 23

March: Dead = 221+
Incidents: 22

April: Dead = 114+
Incidents: 19

May: Dead = 252+
Incidents: 42

June: Dead = 263+
Incidents: 32

July: Dead = 129+
Incidents: 7

August: Dead = 93+
Incidents: 9

So Mr. President how is it that one incident set you off or were you just ignorant of what was and is going on?


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