Kurdish Genocide

October 10, 2019

This is a copy of what I sent to Prime Minister Trudeau yesterday. This follows Trump’s criminal withdrawal of support from the Kurds.

I dealt with many Afghans who risked their lives to cross the rugged mountains overnight to get to Turkey. I have seen refugee situations in Turkey so I am not entirely unfamiliar with the region.

Now it is the Kurds who face genocide because of Trump, Putin and Erdoğan. Kurds fought long and hard against ISIS.


It is better to say something than nothing.


Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,

I am writing to draw your urgent attention to what is going on in Turkey and Syria in relation to the Kurds.

It is of critical urgency that you engage with European leaders to take all necessary steps to intervene on behalf of the Kurds.

We witnessed genocide in 1995 at Srebrenica – and nothing was done.  We watched genocide in Rwanda in 1994, and the world stood by and watched.  In World War II we watched 6,000,000 Jews perish, while the Canadian interior Minister announced that in terms of accepting Jews fleeing Europe, none was too many.

Now it is your turn to act or not act – you must act now.  I urge you to on an urgent basis speak to your European counterparts to intervene.  Tomorrow is too late.

Garry Mitchell


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