Fado Music In Porto

Here we are in Porto, both of us fighting the non-covid virus.

Last night we attended a Fado music concert presented by a society for the preservation of Fado. Fado music is unique to Portugal. It expressed the dark sense of loss, something in life the can never be recovered and mourning its loss. Not that that would meaning anything to us!

For the concert we were ushered into the small venue and had seats about five feet from the player of the Portuguese guitar. At that point Heather began coughing and had to quickly exit only to spend the rest of the one hour concert outside. It is consistent with the Portuguese character that while Heather was outside a staff member asked why she was not at the concert. She explained the situation to him. He then chatted with me, and took her glass of Port outside to her. So often we have encountered a genuineness in attentiveness to others. Also unlike our culture, touching is a given. For example our waitress this morning when starting a conversation with her male colleague would gently touch him on the arm. It is refreshing.

The concert was beautiful with one person on the 12 string guitar, one on the Portuguese guitar, and a male singer.

The singer explained that when the pandemic began he had just released his new album. With the pandemic a series of his concerts were then cancelled.

This can give you a small sense of Fado music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKfuu4KXjCw

Once the concert was over Heather and I sought out an outdoor restaurant, which coincidentally was directly below our residence in Porto.

Heather with her Sangria in Porto

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