Recovering in Porto

An old Holiday Inn commercial said when travelling we need to “expect the unexpected.”

And so it is that inevitability meets opportunity. Here we are, both sick with bronchitis, in the midst of our long awaited vacation in Porto, Portugal. Nikolas our dear grandson being a small child passed it on to us while we visited him in Germany.

Garry contracted symptoms a few days ahead of me, and he is close to being on the other side of it. I, on the other hand, am in the thick of it, sore throat and cough cough cough.

When I first realized a few days ago that I had not fended it off, I was angry given the challenge of getting here. It became clear to me that we would not cover the ground we had hoped, including a half day trip to the beach, a road trip into the Douro Valley, and a day trip to Lisbon. C’est la vie, or as Sean’s company [] translation into Portuguese says: isso é vida.
The good news is we are well located to see many sights within walking distance of where we are staying.

Our current pattern is to take it easy in the morning, and then head out for a few sights and be home in time for an afternoon nap, and stay in for the rest of the day to preserve our health.

Today we managed a delicious lunch out at a Porto icon called The Majestic Cafe. Garry will have more on that later, including some photos.

My big purchase of the day was cough syrup, the strongest the pharmacist could recommend without a prescription.Our accommodation is clean, cozy and centrally located. We have been able to rest and recuperate well here.We love Porto and look forward to coming back after our next visit to Germany.

And now, nap time!

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