Your Big Chance to Make Big Dollars

A worldwide pandemic creates great business opportunities to make big dollars.

Don’t miss your chance to make money from this world wide calamity!

With the help of the Canadian government, your company could make millions. It is easy, legal, and simple by acting as a franchisee for Joe’s Covid Testorama.

Here’s how it works. In Germany simple quick test strips retail at about $1.50 Cdn. We market them for $50.00 with hundreds and thousands of buyers. A great mark up on a cheap product. And it’s all legal!

This is your chance to make it big on the world pandemic stage.

In Portugal, Canada requires returnees to undergo a PCR covid test to board an international flight to Canada. The cost in Germany is $100 each. The cost in Porto $150. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. These cost you very little and you have a captive audience of handcuffed Canadians.

Of course the Brits have raised questions – they will “look into” it – about the costs, but precious little about it in the Canadian media, so act now you never know when the Canadian government may clamp down on the racket. On the other hand, they may never!

Again, don’t let this great business opportunity pass you by.

BBC Story.

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