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Can you help me find my bike?
Bike Parkade
Each year between 12,000 & 15,000 bicycles are fished out of Amsterdam canals. That may sound like a lot but there are about 847,000 bicycles in the city.
Some bikes are prettier than others! …and get a special place in the parkade.
And there are forms of transport, other than bicycles.
One of many canals. There are over 1,200 bridges to get to the 90 islands that comprise Amsterdam.


We were surprised at the lack of precautions taken in Amsterdam compared to Canada, Germany or Portugal. Amsterdam appeared wide open with little mask wearing. For example, staff in restaurants were serving without masks. It could be the high vaccination rate has caused the Dutch to be complacent. Currently [October], about 84% of the eligible population is fully vaccinated. Canada stands at about 83% of the eligible population fully vaccinated.

During our visit at the largest square in Amsterdam, we encountered the end of a large demonstration of anti-vaxxers. There was a significant police presence just in case.

It could be my flawed Dutch but the gist of the sign is, “Vaccinated or not do not exclude each other but love each other, let vaccination be a choice.
I believe what the person whose vehicle is being towed is saying is ‘freedom of choice’.
or in my terms, let the 1954 polio epidemic put children in
iron lungs because I want to be able to choose whether to be vaccinated.
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